3 ways to potty train your toddler

Potty training is one of the largest milestones of a toddler’s life. This is where he begins to do things on his own.

This is also a challenge for parents for the reason that training your child how to pee and poo by himself, sometimes may not be that simple. According to professional there are several techniques to know when letting your kid learn how to use the relax room.

What is potty training?

This is teaching your kid how to defecate and urinate in the relax room. In this way, they will not need to use diapers. This is a large milestone for kids so it should be done over time and by using patience.

There is no exact age for this endeavor. When you think that your kid is ready then begins the training. You will understand when he begins to present an attention in using the CR. He could also be prepared when he understands how to drag down his dress by himself.

3 ways to potty train your toddler

  1. The primary step you will have to undertake is communication. You have to discuss to your kid. You have to make them understand they should learn to urinate and defecate alone. For the most part, we underestimate the ability of a kid to understand and follow instructions. This is a bad notion. Professionals have verified that toddlers have quick memories and can follow easy directions. Toddlers understand more if they are supported with visuals. In your talk with them, present them images or stickers illustrating the use of the relax room.
  2. Get them to sit on the bowl or potty chair early in the morning or during the day. This will make them more relax with its use. Diapers should not be used anymore. This is the remarkable way to letting learn how to actually look for a location to go to the toilet. During sleep, don’t let them be dressed in diapers. As quickly as they wet the bed, they will feel bad. This will force to go to the relax room and urinate.
  3. Appreciate them or provide them a reward every time they do it perfect. This will motivate them and make them perform the work after that. Kids also love thanks so admire them when they do it perfect. Present them a right response forever.

When you teach how to use the bowl, don’t forget to instruct them how to flush. The flush delights them as well. The chill wooshing sound of the flush joys them.

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